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How to Get your Bridal Makeup to Last on your Wedding Day

Tips, questions and advice for getting your makeup to last from your wedding thru your reception.

Get your Bridal Make Up to Last from your Wedding thru your Reception...

Your big day is finally here, but you want to look flawless and radiant from the ceremony all through the reception party night. You want your bridal makeup to look its best for photos. Below you will find two makeup tips on how to make that lasting impression happen on your wedding day and night.

First: Skincare

The biggest key to keep your wedding makeup on the longest is knowing your skin type. Skincare always comes first. Just like painting a mural, the canvas must be smooth and ready for the best application. Exfoliating your skin will get rid of the surface dead skin cells and help your serums and creams absorb better, preventing the bridal make up from looking caked on. Two, knowing your skin type is critical, to help you identify what kind of skincare to use.
  • Dry skin types: If you skin is dry, you will need a more hydrating cream and doing a skin hydrating mask at least two times a week will improve your texture immensely. Also, exfoliation is key especially for drier skin types. If you have combination/oily skin, you have the best of both worlds. You have an oily t-zone and normal to dry cheeks. Stick with an oil-free moisturizer and exfoliate regularly. You can also use a mattifier for the t-zone area.
  • Oily skin types: If you have oily skin, you will need an oil controlling moisturizer and to exfoliate. Mattifier is key for your skin type as well.
Also, it is recommend that all brides get a facial at least one week prior to their big day to deep clean the pores and impurities revealing a more glowing and smooth complexion.

Second: Foundation Primers, Eye Primers and Lip Primers

Now that you've got your skincare out of the way, primer is important before any makeup routine, and most definitely your wedding day!
  • Foundation primer is what every makeup artist should have in their kit. There are many types of primers depending on your skin concerns. Foundation primers mostly have that silky silicone feel and will smooth out the pores and lines creating a smoother canvas for the makeup to glide on and stay put throughout the whole day.
  • There is also eye primer to prevent the eye shadow from fading and losing its vibrancy throughout the whole day and creasing and looking greasy on the eyes.
  • There are also eyelash primers and lip primers.
Primers will not only keep the makeup from sweating off but also leave the opportunity for less to be used. After all you want to reveal your natural beautiful features as much as possible don't you? Also, setting sprays are lastly very helpful but not imperative since primers are being used. They basically are like misting on a sheer coat of glue on your finished face, but lack the feel of the tackiness of glue.

Flawless Wedding Makeup

Conclusively, the most important tips for keeping a stay put beautiful application are having knowledge of your skin type and what skincare to use, primers, and once again not super necessary but a setting spray. With these tips in mind, not only will you be glad that you followed this advice but gathered a new knowledge on flawless bridal makeup for any makeup look that you wear.

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