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Makeup Tips for Wedding Pictures

How to Apply Makeup for Great Wedding Pictures and Video

Tips and advice on how to have great wedding pictures on your wedding day.

How to Apply Makeup for Wedding Videos and Photos

Kristen's Makeup Box

Bronzer: Dallas by Benefit

Primers: Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer & Mattifier

Eye Makeup: MAC (Makeup Artist Cosmetics) and MUD (Make-up designory)
Looking great on your wedding day is not just about your grand entrance, but the wedding pictures and video that will last a lifetime in your photo album. Looking great on your Wedding Day is about capturing a lifetime of memories in photos you will enjoy and share the rest of your lives.

Tips for Great Wedding Day Pics and Video

Here are a few simple tips to ensure you have the perfect bridal glow and that the camera loves.
  • Primers and Sealers - these products may not be in everyones make up regiment, but they are worth their weight in gold. If you can't afford one, head over to your favorite counter. Most of them offer samples still and a little goes a long way! This will keep your makeup where its supposed to be! Your blushing face, not your guests! I recommend Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer & Mattifier $45 (this one works a both a primer and Mattifier to keep you from getting shinny).
  • Face base, Chest and Bronzers - Showing skin is great, but when it doesn't match your face make-up it's an issue for your photographer. Bronzers should be swept across your cheeks, forehead, nose and most importantly your chest. Use the following two professional tips:
    • Bronzer Chest Application: Make a large sweeping V shape to accentuate your natural cleavage shadows. I recommend Dallas by Benefit for $28. Itís a great shade and even comes with a brush!
    • Blend Bronzer: Blend bronzer using a large powder brush, pull colors down the neck.
  • Eye Makeup - Pick a color that is matte (shimmer settles in creases and can have the opposite effect) and rich in light pigment. Ivory and Bone should be the color family. Using a small blending brush highlight the inner corners, just below the lower lash line (you can extend this, by butting it underneath any eyeliner making the whole effect more dramatic). This will create a natural glow and openness to the face. After all your eyes are the keys to the soul. My recommendations for eye shadows are MAC (Makeup Artist Cosmetics) $14.50 and MUD (Make-up designory) $13.50 (Although good news! You can save by buying pallets and placing the shadows in there. The shadow pallet refills are only $10! Plus you can personalize your own color pallet!

Pictures with High Style on a Budget

Taking great wedding pictures and video on your wedding day can be as simple as 1,2,3. These simple tips can accomplish a high style low budget look for any lucky lady!

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