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How To Create a Budget for a Bridal Makeup Artist

Steps, tips and ideas for hiring the right makeup artist on a budget.

How To Create a Budget for a Bridal Makeup Artist

Considerations for Creating a Makeup Artist Budget

Budgeting for a Makeup Artist - The budgeting for a bridal makeup artist should always be consider a priority, similar to the way you would budget for a photographer, wedding cake or wedding band. You need to consider the skill level, the time, and the products of the makeup artist. It's the whole bridal makeup package that is really important to the bride. As a bride with a budget, you should always try several bridal makeup artists and understanding the different cost structures that go into the price. ...and consider which works best for your budget and your desired outcome. You need to keep in mind that this is the lively hood of most makeup artist, so their skill level and pricing models should reflect the value of the make up artist and their products.

Steps to Create a Makeup Artist Budget

  1. Determine the importance and complexity of your desired wedding day look
  2. Consider the level of experience needed to achieve the makeup you desire
  3. Consider the expertise required to achieve that look
  4. Determine the time required to achieve that look including tocuh ups
  5. Determine the products and quality of those products used on your wedding day makeup

Great Makeup Artist Budgeting Tip

You should always sample several bridal makeup artists. Getting a feel for each artist's expertise, time and product selection for your desired look will allow you to create a realistic budget for your wedding.

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