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Bridal Tips: Hair Stylists

How to Hire a Bridal Hair Stylist

Tips on choosing a bridal hair stylist, a bridal hair style and ensuring your wedding day hair is perfect.

How to select a Wedding Hair Stylist

It's your wedding day and how your hair looks and what hair style you select are two of the top priorities on your wedding day to-do list. This article will give you tips on how to hire and find the perfect bridal hair stylist for you.
  1. Bridal Hair Style - Your hair, your way. You want to ensure that the person who will be doing your hair matches your desires for how you want to look on your wedding day. It is important that your tastes match the stylists. As much as you may want to hire someone because they are cheap, if you want an updo, but they specialize in short cuts, they may not be the person for you.
  2. Hair Styling Education - A person could have 20 years 'hair experience', but are they licensed? If they are a licensed hair stylist, when was the last time they went to a new class, or a hair show, or did anything to continue their education?
  3. Bridal Hair Experience - Are they experienced in bridal hair? Remember, in the cosmetology world, continuing beauty education is key to successful hair stylists.
  4. Bridal Budget - This is key because while you may want the high end look, make sure that this bridal stylist meets your financial needs. Not only that, discuss the financial aspect after a consultation. Imagine the disaster if she does your hair and then charges hundreds over your initial budget!
  5. Wedding Planning - It is important that you find a hairstylist some time in advance. At least 2-3 months in advance should be good enough. This is especially important if you are getting married in popular months, because hair stylists will be booked in advance leaving you scrambling for someone.
  6. Use Referrals - Have you been to a wedding recently? If you have, did you like the brides hair. If so, ask the bride for a referral. Brides that were happy with the service will be more than willing to share that info with you. If not, ask trusted sources and see who knows who. Referrals don't mean that you have to just hire that person, but it is a great start.
  7. Wedding Portfolio - The proof is in the pudding. Any wedding stylist worth their salt has a portfolio. Do not be afraid to ask for one. If they don't have one, that is not the stylist for you. How can you determine the quality of their work if they don't have any proof of it? Look for before and after pictures, not just finished products, so you get a good idea of what the stylist started with.

Tips for dealing with your hair stylist

Once you have select a hair stylist, here are some tips for ensuring a good experience with your hairstylist.
  • Ask if the stylist will travel to you
  • Put the agreement you and the stylist come to in writing
  • Have the trial hair styling well before the wedding in case things go awry
  • Have a backup plan in case something happens with the stylist
  • Give the stylists a collection of pictures of hairstyles you like

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