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Tips for focusing on pre-wedding skin care and makeup style

Pre-wedding skin care and other bridal makeup tips

Tips for skin care, color matching, keeping makeup in place and makeup style.

Tips for Pre-wedding Skin Care, Makeup Style, Color Matching and Shimmer.

Below are some good tips that I like to share with brides for holding makeup in place, skin care, shimmer and makeup style.
  • Pre-wedding Day Skincare - Bridal makeup should really focus on achieving near flawless skin prior to your special wedding day. Proactive skin care that allows one to look as polished and natural as possible.
  • Makeup Style - Also, very important is the style of makeup you will select. This makeup style selection should always coincide with the brides personality, hairstyle and gown. You should also sample many different styles to ensure you have picked the perfect one for your special day.
  • Great color matching and application - The color matching process should be the main focus in selecting the type of makeup you will wear on your wedding day.
  • Shimmer - First a warning: shimmer should be kept to a minimum due to different lighting and flash from the photographer. Due to the makeup being worn for a long periods of time, the mixture of natural oils and the shimmer can sometimes creative a unnatural look in your photos.
  • Keep Makeup in Place - A good secret that I keep in my makeup kit for brides is a can of hair spray! Hairspray is useful for keeping makeup in place, especially if the bride will be in direct sunlight and / or if she is using a bronzer. To apply: The hairspray is to be sprayed in the air and the bride walks into it, so that it feels like a mist. This hair spray mist creates a web like net over the makeup that prevents it from moving or rubbing off (protects the makeup). Warning: Never spray the hairspray too close or directly on makeup because it can ruin makeup and cause skin irritation if used incorrectly.

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