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Bridal Makeup Artist Tips for Airbrushing

What is airbrush makeup?

Tips on choosing airbrushing for your wedding day makeup.

What is wedding makeup airbrushing?

For brides, looking beautiful on their wedding day is as much important, as looking stunning in their bridal photos. And thinking about that, "you will look at these pictures for the rest of your life". Choosing airbrushing for makeup application will create a stunning "real" life look, but look great in pictures too!
Unlike traditional makeup application techniques, such as sponges and brushes, Airbrush Makeup is a liquid form of make up that is applied to the face and body via a spray (ie. air brush). Airbrush makeup has become more popular and preferred by Makeup Artists and celebrities around the world each and every day.

Makeup Artist Tip

Applying a Smooth Face
Always perform a neck check. Many people apply their foundation and powder on the face only. That's a big NO! The pigment of the face is always a shade or two different than your neck. When applying your face makeup, make sure you blend what's left from your product down on the neck.

Why air brushing is ideal for brides?

  1. Airbrushing is ideal for brides, because it looks smoother, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and if preferred can be waterproof. "You can dance the night away and your makeup will stay put through!"
  2. Other airbrushing benefits include the removing of skin wrinkles, the smoothing lines and the covering rosacea and blemishes.
Airbrush will make you shine and feel great on the most important day of your life, you wedding day!

Do all makeup artist airbrush?

Applying airbrush makeup is a true talent, and if someone tells you, "anyone could do it" they are wrong! There are is a lot of training, experience and technique required to air brush a bride on her wedding day.

An Airbrush application will make you shine and feel great on the most important day of your life, your wedding day!

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