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Essential Tips for you and your Bridal Makeup Artist

What you and your Bridal Makeup Artist Need to Know

Covering Look Cards, Makeup Preferences, Makeup Artist Rates and more for brides.

What you and your Wedding Makeup Artist Should Know

  • Makeup Preferences: Discuss with the bridal makeup artist your preferences. Include colors and tones and picture that illustrate the type of look you prefer. You can also view past work of the makeup artist and select you style and look based on the artists past work.
  • Allergies: Do not forget to inform the makeup artist of all any allergies you may have. This list of allergies should alergies to latex, makeup and skin care products.
  • Bridal Makeup Artist Rates: Knowing the going bridal makeup artist rates for services will help you make an educated decision.
  • Payment: Be sure to have payment on hand and be advised that many Makeup Artists do not carry change.
  • Look Card: A makeup artist should prepare LOOK CARD for you after the makeup application. A look card is a list of all the products and techniques that have been used for your final bridal look. Each product and application should contain detailed description and explanation of how and where it was used and applied.
  • Hiring Tips: Check out the article to get essential tips on how to hire a bridal makeup artist be reading this article.

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