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Steps to creating a successful makeup artist business.

How to Start a Makeup Artist Business

The basics to get your make up business off the ground.

Starting a Makeup Artist Business

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Congratulations, you are taking your first step to starting a successful makeup artist business. The Makeup Artist business is like any other business. It involves vision, planning, financial commitment, marketing and completing several legal steps.

Prerequisites to Starting a MA Business

  1. Makeup Artist Training - Ensure you have the proper make up training before offering the services. [ Find Makeup Artist Training ]
  2. Referrals and a Portfolio - Every good professional makeup artists has many excellent referrals. Be sure to build up you referrals and have an expansive portfolio before you launch your business. All your potential clients will ask for references.

Steps to Creating a Business

  1. Identify the Market; your potential clients
  2. Create a Business Plan
  3. Setup your Business as a Legal Entity- LLC, ie. Sole Proprietorship
  4. Open a Small Business Bank Account
  5. Get A Business Line of Credit and Credit Card
  6. Create a Marketing Plan
  7. Determine Liability and Insurance Requirements
  8. Set Up Your Accounting Procedures
  9. Launch Your Business - Good Luck!

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