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Utilizing Social Networking to Promote Your Makeup Artist Business

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The beginning stages for any emerging makeup artist is no small feat. There is a great deal of time and energy that goes into the ongoing building of skills, makeup kits, portfolios, as well as a strong customer base. Making people beautiful may seem easy enough if you are naturally creative or artistic but developing a business and reputation that will sustain is a task within itself. The good news is we live in an information age that is driven almost completely by social media which can benefit both your business and reputation…if you use them correctly. Here are some tips on how to use social media to increase your web presence and promote your business.

Become a Brand: The Important of your Business, Web Site, Twitter and Facebook Name and Social Presence

Whether it is creating a makeup artist logo or simply choosing a name that represents your business, your branding should be synonymous with all of your different social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Choosing your Facebook Name as PrettyFaces by Jane, your Twitter name as @Jane Make Me Pretty, and your LinkedIn name as Pretty Jane Jones is silly and counterproductive for establishing a consistent social presence. People should be able to easily find and recognize you.

Key to Success Make it easy on yourself and stick with one name that is simple, memorable, but most of all consistent.

Become an Information Expert

Although you may not know everything there is to know about makeup people always value information from professionals that appear to be well versed. Creating a blog or posting statuses that provide followers with your professional or even personal insight at least 3 times a week can go along way in creating a social media presence. Share ongoing segments such as tips of the day, looks of the week, and cosmetic product reviews are just a few ways in which you can quickly become the go- to- artist. Soon your friends, your friends' friends, and then their friends and so on will look to you to not only find out the latest trends in makeup but they will also want to know how they can book you for a lesson or special event.

Become a Media Manager

Once you begin working more as an artist or perhaps you already are I'm sure you will say "I don't have time to hang out on all of the social media sites". My response is you can't afford not to. Social media is everything right now and it doesn't look like i's going anywhere soon. A time efficient way to continue staying active is to sync all of your social media outlets so that once you share information to one site it automatically links or posts to the others. Also, you don’t always have to post a novel's worth of information. If you can, post a pic or two of your makeup setup, the crew, or even finished clients (if you have permission) with a short comment just to continue the theme of sharing with followers and potential clients.

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