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Applying Makeup to Asians

How to Apply Makeup to People with Asian Features

Makeup Artist Tips for Asians: Primers, Concealers, Eyeshadow and Mascara

Tips for Applying Makeup to Asian Features

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Applying makeup to people with Asian features can be tough, especially if you don't have much experience in this area. With the right tools, guidance, and practice, you'll have flawless blended results. Here are the make up secretes:
  • Primers and Concealers - Always start with a primer for a smooth base finish. Use a highlighter/concealer (liquid or cream form) and apply under the eyes, then use loose powder with a big fluffy brush and dust in circular motions all over the face.
  • Eye Shadow Primers - Apply an eyeshadow primer. Working from your lash line to the top of your crease is the best way to apply/blend eyeshadow on an Asian eye. Avoid creating a crease with the eyeshadow on top of the lid. This actually makes the eyes appear smaller. Keeping the eyeshadow closest to the natural crease line will give the eye more depth. Take a deeper color and apply with a small firm brush right across the top lash line. Try to do this as closest to your lash line as possible. Basically, apply the shadow like a thick eyeliner. Use a small blending brush and blend that darker line upwards.
  • Eye Shadow Liners - Line the bottom lash line using the same eyeshadow color. Use a frost white highlighter and apply on the inner corners of the eyes in a V shape. This will brighten up the eyes and make them appear bigger.
  • Eyelashes and Mascara - Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara to top and bottom. For a natural finish, use individual lashes and apply few pieces on the outer corner of the lash line. For a more evening look, use a full strip lash. Another evening look option is, cut a full strip in half and apply each piece at the outer corner of the eye. One of my favorite false eyelash for Asian eyes are made by Unuco. You can find Unuco False Eyelases on

Your Makeup Artist Portfolio

If you're a makeup artist, it's always good to have at least couple photos of Asian models in your portfolio. If you're looking for a makeup artist who is very well experienced in this area, make sure to book a trial run with them before hiring them for your photo shoots, shows, events and weddings.

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