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How to Succeed as a Bridal Makeup Artist

Tips and advice for succeeding as a bridal make up artist: professionalism, selecting makeup and more...

How to Succeed as a Bridal Makeup Artist

What is a makeup artist?

Let’s talk about bridal makeup. As an makeup artist you need to be imaginative, skilled and willing to learn new things all the time. The true artist will have an innate passion for the craft and it will show in the work she performs. You will have the ability to demonstrate the depth of your versatility and most times the opportunity. Although for bridal makeup, you may have to adhere to a set request. In most instances you will have had a set bridal pre-trial with your client, the bride, the mother of the bride, the bridal party and the flower girl. There will probably be a wedding theme to follow and her wishes need to be carefully listened to and followed through on, precisely. Bridal Makeup Tip: Remember one bad wedding can lead to many “no” bookings in the future; people talk and in this business most of our work is through word of mouth and referrals.

Look and Act Your Best

Also, when first meeting with your bride, make sure you look the part, always wear black. It’s a makeup artist’s suit of honor. Another good rule is to get to know a little bit about her as a person, don’t just assume she’s just a check waiting to be signed (this also applies if you’re an independent contractor) remember she’s got a lot on her mind. Let your future “Mrs.” know that you’re on board with her as a consultant as well as a makeup artist. Find out what color her dress will be? How will she wear her hair? Is it a daytime wedding or evening? What color are the attendants wearing, and so on?

Selecting Makeup For The Bride

Finding out these common basic threads of knowledge will give you the basis to start planning your blueprint for the upcoming day. 4 questions to ask the bride about her makeup:
  1. What kind of skin does she have? This will determine what products to use and which ones you should avoid.
  2. What cosmetics does she wear?
  3. Which makeup brands does she use?
  4. What are the brides makeup preference? Some brides like to stick to a cosmetic brand that you may not work with; in this case she might want to supply her own. I have had this happen on occasion, I don’t find a need to offer discount because of this. It is the service your client is paying for, not the makeup.

Makeup Artists Are Professionals!

Never forget you are a professional, you have years of experience and you do this for a living. Make sure to express this to your client, respectfully, by all means. Lastly, but certainly not least, secure a deposit and a contract for the proposed date if your client is happy with the results of the trial. This ensures that she is making a commitment with you and to the date that you are setting aside.

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Professional Commercial Makeup Artist
Owner – LA Luxe Addiction
Serving Los Angeles, CA
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