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Makeup Tips for Great Photography

Makeup Secrets for Great Photos

Makeup Artist Secrets on how to apply makeup for great photos: skin primer, concealer, foundation, eye shadow and more.

Makeup Tips for Great Photo

We all want to look great in photos because they’re the best representation of our look and they last forever so we had better look good!! So to make sure you are photo ready follow these guidelines.
  1. Exfoliate and Cleanse. After you have exfoliated and cleansed your face, make sure to moisturize! And this will allow your skin to maintain hydration. It will also protect your pores from the elements and make sure that your makeup does not clog them.
  2. Use a good skin primer. Choose the primer best for your skin type. There are primers for dry skin, oily skin, and ones that give a nice sheen or iridescence. Apply the primer evenly so that your complexion looks smooth.
  3. Use concealer. Apply to concealer under eyes, in any lines or crows feet, on any hyper pigmentation, and even as a base for your eye shadow. Concealer should be lighter than your skin tone for correcting dark marks. [ More on How To Apply Concealer ]
  4. Foundation. Use a foundation that gives you a good even coverage. Use liquid if your skin is dry, and a powder if you have an oily skin type. Make sure to blend it up into the hair line and around the perimeter of the face. There should not be a drastic difference between the color of your neck and that of your face.
  5. In my experience satin or matte finish eye shadows work best with the camera because they do not reflect the light as much as a shimmer would. Shimmers make the light reflect and cause the features to get washed out. We do not want this.
  6. Apply too much! I know it sounds crazy, but in order to look great in photos you have to apply a little more make up than you would for everyday. So if it looks too heavy, it’s probably just right for the camera. If you are unsure, then go out into the sunlight with your mirror. Not so drastic is it?
  7. Use plenty of powder. Weather it is a translucent powder, a loose powder, or a blot powder, use lots of it to set makeup and to keep down shine. You will want to look for powder that contains salicylic acid to absorb oil. Reapply often! Shine is our enemy when it comes to photos!
  8. Last but not least, be confident and happy. Both of these shine through and make you look fabulous in pictures. Not only that but people can see you smile and nine times out of ten, it makes them smile too! Be happy in the skin you are in.

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