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Tips for Dealing with Bridal Parties

Tips and dealing with brides, birdesmaids, bridal parties, mother of the brides and flower girls.

Tips for dealing with the enitre Wedding Party: Bride, Bridesmaids, Bridal Party, Mother of the Bride and Flower Girl

Determine how many are in the bridal party and how long each person will require

When being hired for the Bride and Bridal party, the makeup artist should always go over the amount of people in the party including the bride to allot time to complete the assignment. Every makeup artist have a different amount of time to be able to complete a job. For example, if the bride is getting makeup for herself and 3 others in the bridal party, then 45 mins. to an hour should be allotted for each individual. Therefore, if the wedding begins at 3pm on any given day, the call time should be no later than 11am on the day of the wedding.

Do you need the assistance of additional makeup artists?

Makeup artist should always be aware of how many people in the bridal party they can take on before a makeup artist assistant is needed. Many makeup artist do not use assistants unless the work load is too heavy to complete the work assignment alone. The amount of people that a large wedding party would consist of, varies from makeup artist to makeup artist.

How do I determine how much to charge the bridal party?

All factors, such, the budget, the amount of people in the beridal party, the look, the colors, and the amount of time should be discussed prior to bringing on a makeup artist and a makeup artist assistant for the big day. Some people can take on more of a work load than others. When shopping for a makeup artist, if your wedding party is larger than average (more than 7 people including the bride), be prepared to allot the time and money so that your wedding day can go smoothly and beautifully.

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