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How To Apply a Great Base

Makeup Artist Secrets on How To Apply a Great Base

Tips on How To Apply a Great Base

In today’s society, we are constantly inundated with the media’s version of what beauty is and how we need to look. Unfortunately, the media’s portrayal is often time photoshopped like no other and we get discouraged when it comes to real life and how we look. We may not all have perfect skin (count your blessings if you do!), but I’m here to share with you some tips on how to apply a great base for everyday, photoshoots and bridal.


The first thing you want to do after cleansing your face, is to use a great moisturizer, companies like MAC, Cetaphil, and L’Oreal all carry great ones. After applying the moisturizer, you’ll want to apply a primer in order to fill in any creases and create an even base for your foundation to adhere to – Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and MAC’s Prep & Prime are always great products to use. Now that you have your skin prepped, it’s time to apply some color!


Choose a foundation that works best for your skin type, from dry skin to oily you will be able to find a foundation that will work best for you. I tend to have dry skin, so I use a moisturizing foundation, don’t use a moisturizing foundation if you have oily skin. L’Oreal True Match and Face Altelier are my personal favorites! If you are applying your foundation to yourself, using your fingers is best as it warms up the foundation and helps it to blend better. DO NOT use your fingers on a client, instead use a sponge or stipling brush. A stipling brush is great because if gives a more airbrushed appearance, and a sponge helps to get into areas the crease like your eyelids and around the nose. Go all the way back into your hair line and neck and BLEND well!


For photo shoots and weddings you will want to use a concealer to highlight your brow bone and front corner of your eyelids as well as under the eyes to cancel out redness, around the nostrils and chin (women tend to get red in these areas throughout the day due to our hormones), and you can also use it to elongate your nose by going down the center of the nose. To ensure that your lip liner won’t bleed, conceal around your lips and your lips. This will also ensure a more true lip color when applied because it won’t be affected by the natural pinkness of your lips.

Everyday Makeup

When it comes to everyday, you can go lighter on the powder, focusing mainly on the areas of your face that get oily; forehead, nose, chin, and eyelids. For photo shoots and brides, you will want to apply powder over the entire face, adding a little extra under the eyes to help manage Eyeshadow fall out.

Highlighting and Contouring

Next comes highlighting and contouring. Using a cream highlighter, like Shell from MAC hit all the highlight areas – cheek bones, center of the nose, brow bone, and front of the eyelids. Using a fan brush and a powder highlighter, go over all the areas you highlighted with a powder to keep it from melting or moving through out the day. Now, grab your contour color or a bronzer, and contour from the corner of the mouth to the top of the ear and contour around the temples. This will slim the face. For photo shoots and weddings, you may want to shade the nose to make it look slimmer and give it a little more dimension – go underneath the nostrils with your contour color and along the side of the nose to slenderize and blend well! You do not want it to look like your nose is just dirty! Cover all the highlighter and contoured areas with translucent to powder to set the shading.

Perfect Base

Now you have a perfect base and are ready for the rest of your face!

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