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How to Avoid Bridal Makeup Mistakes

Brides, What NOT To Do Prior To Your Wedding Day

Tips and advice to avoid MISTAKES with your bridal makeup prior to you wedding day.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes Prior to your Wedding Day

This article is intened for future brides, but before I continue, in order for you to have the best quality canvas to work with, I must first stress what Not to Do so that you donít accidently damage your skin while trying to improve it.

So, please, even if you disregard everything else I have suggested in the article, please heed these next words of advice. I speak from many years of experience.

The 4 Biggest Common Bridal Makeup Artist Mistakes

  1. Do NOT get a face peel of any kind the week of your wedding. The ideal time to get a pell for your wedding day is no sooner than 10 to 12 days prior. Otherwise, you could end up looking like a snake shedding its skin. It takes a few days for your face to actually get to the peeling stage and then it takes another couple of days for it to recover. Visualize your skin a week after a bad sun burned. It is very difficult to disguise dry, crackling, peeling skin. The only plus if this happens is that your skin will be gorgeous on you honeymoon.
  2. Do NOT wax on the day of your wedding or any special day for that matter. Iíve seen burns, swelling, bumps and or red patches. They are also very hard to cover. I am a licensed aesthetician as well as a makeup artist. It is always better to air on the side of caution in this situation. You should look to waxing 3 to 5 days prior.
  3. Do NOT over tan in the sun or in the tanning booth. Over tanning is unreversable and will not only mess up your wedding day makeup, but it will effect your wedding day pictures.
  4. Do NOT stress over pimples and blemishes prior to your wedding day. DO NOT pick your face to death. Donít make a mountain out of a pimple. The more you pick, the less time the skin has to heal. A welt or scab is much harder to camouflage than a pimple or blemish.
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