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Tips for Appplying Bridal Makeup for Brides, Bridal Parties and Flower Girls

12 Essential DIY Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides and Bridal Parties

Tips and advice to apply your own bridal makeup on you wedding day - do-it-yourself.

12 Essential DIY Bridal Makeup Tips

For brides who want to do their own makeup on their wedding day, below are 12 essential tips to assist you on your big day.

To get started, get back to the basics. Start with a clean face. For oily skin apply a mattifier or oil control lotion as a base. Origins, MAC and even Mary Kay make good ones. This will help block the pores and control excess shine. Another trick is using a clear antiperspirant. It’s less expensive and if it works controlling sweat under your arms then it will do the same for your face. Just don’t use the same one on your face that you use on your armpits. For dry or mature skin apply a hydrating fluid or lotion. Your skin needs water not oil so no heavy or creamy moisturizers. Covermark hydrating base or Origins Drink it Up mask work nicely. If you choose Origins, use it sparely and leave it on under your foundation. When putting on makeup, less is more. It is always easier to add more than to take away once you’ve applied too much. It can be done but it takes a little more skill to do properly.

12 Steps for Applying Beauty Makeup

  1. Concealer – used to lessen the shadows mainly under the eyes but can be used anywhere that is necessary ie: to highlight contours around the nose or to conceal any imperfections in the skin. Apply with a brush and dab index finger then blend foundation over. Myself and a couple of my colleagues use Ben Nye & Cinema Secrets. I also have Perfexion Minipalette by Kryolan in my kit.
  2. Foundation – use to even out skin tone and to cover blemishes - should match natural facial coloration. Apply with a sponge or foundation brush. MAC makes a nice brush (#187)
  3. Contouring or shading – used to minimize any excess features or to accentuate small ones. I use a fan brush with a taupe or brown tone shadow or powder (depending on skin color). To be applied under chin & jaw line if necessary, in hollows under cheekbones to accentuate the cheeks.
  4. Cheek color or blush – defines cheekbones. I like to use a cheek & lip stain first called Flirt or Barely Blushing (Gables Beauty Supply) may carry it under their private label) dab on sparingly with fingertip for lasting color. Then apply color of choice with a dome blush brush.
  5. Powder – used for added coverage, to blend makeup and to reduce shine. For a sheerer coverage apply with a dome powder brush. For heavier coverage press or pat on with a puff.
  6. Eyebrows – picture frames for your eyes. I recommend using a powder brow shadow with a brow brush for a more natural look. Make short, sweeping lines opposed to one long one.
  7. Eye Color or Eye Shadow – used to frame or accent the eyelid & socket. Contrast colors make eye color pop.
  8. Eyeliner – defines the shape and size of eyes. You can use a pencil or angled brush with eye shadow along the lash line. By using a damp angled brush with eye shadow you can blend and create any color I want. It also helps to prevent running or smudging.
  9. Mascara – adds color, length and emphasizes the eyelashes. Curl with an eyelash curler for longer more striking eyelashes. For maximum curl, warm curler with a blow dryer first. (Be careful – test temperature before using on eyes.)
  10. Lip Color – to define or redefine the shape of the lips. Lipstick/gloss finishes the face and brings the eyes to life. For longer lasting color, blend lip liner over the entire lip then apply your favorite color or gloss over top. MAC lipsticks seem to be the favorite among most brides.
  11. Barrier spray and lip sealer – Mehron can be ordered on line. Other brands may be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply or Gables Beauty Supply (GBS).
The most important thing to remember about being a Simply Beautiful bride is that your wedding day is about you, your groom and the love the two of you share. Focus on the love you feel inside and your happiness will radiate beauty on the outside.

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