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Wedding Secrets: Tips for Bridal Makeup and Skin Care

Less is More when it comes to Wedding Makeup and Skin Care

Tips and advice to wedding skin care and bridla make up.

Wedding Makeup and Bridal Skin Care: Less is More

Your wedding day is only weeks away, and you are freaking out! You are excited, but also doing thousands of things to make sure everything will be perfect on your special day.

Schedule First Facial

First things first, make sure you schedule your facial at least 3 weeks before the wedding. The reason being that a lot you may break out, or react from something your Esthetician used. To make sure your skin has time to heal and get back on track, it is best to get this done earlier.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Afterwards, keep exfoliating a couple days per week to make sure your skin looks smooth and blemish free on your wedding day.

Say No to Spray Tans, Yes to Bronzers

Another no no, is getting spray tanned. Yes, you want to look like you have some color when you are wearing your beautiful wedding dress, but sometimes getting spray tanned can result in looking unnaturally tan, or worst yet, orange. Sorry, but you do not want to walk down the aisle looking like an oompa loompa, so please nicks the fake tan, and stick to using a tinted gel that will give you instant color, and washes off when you shower. I love tinted gel called Sublime Bronze by L'Oreal. Sublime Bronze can be purchased in most drugstores.

Face Highlighting

Every bride I have worked with always says the same thing, "I just want to look dewy and fresh". Yes, of course you do, but the problem is you can look greasy in photos if you have an overly shiny cheek. You should stick with just using a highlighter on one area of your face, like on the highs of your cheekbones, instead of all over your face. Another mishap is using lip gloss on your wedding day. A little bit is one thing, but remember, big events means you will be kissing a lot of cheeks and dancing a hell of a lot. If you are wearing your hair down, you will most likely your hair will get stick to your gloss or you may get it on your dress. Creamy or matte lipstick will look better in pictures, and will also stay put.


The last thing to note is that if your makeup artist is not staying at your wedding for touch-ups, make sure have the following:
  • blotting papers or powder to control face shine. You will be so glad you did when you see your photos. I have met a lot of women who wish that they knew to powder their faces during the day or night, so they weren't so shiny in their pictures.
  • lipstick to reapply; reapplying lipstick will keep your makeup looking fresh throughout your celebration
  • eye liner or eye shadow to "refresh" after tears, and always use a waterproof mascara

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